Does Server's Location Influence Your Business? Expertise From Semalt

Online marketing is a complex process which allows you to reach millions of potential clients within a small time frame. Businesses and entrepreneurs are choosing online market due to its infinite potential in reaching new clients globally. Many firms have succeeded with their digital marketing campaigns, thanks to their excellent geo-targeting skills.

This success causes many people to be involved in targeted SEO. As a result, site owners want their website hosting to be in particular countries, on some specific content management systems. In many cases, people may wonder how to succeed in geo-targeting without the use of a physical server location.

Max Bell, the expert of Semalt Digital Services shares the secrets of geo-targeting for businesses.

Initially, there are important considerations to take into account. For example:

  • How to deal with multilingual sites with one server location
  • How to make web crawlers differentiate a second language from duplicate content
  • How server location can affect SEO
  • What is the influence of server's location on my client base

However, the server location does not seem to have any impact on the e-commerce success anymore. Google Webmasters Tools have CDNs, which can make some specific geo-targeting filters and ensure that the content reaches some targeted consumers down the line, which could only be possible through the use of ideal server locations.

How websites can target one country in one language

Modern day search engines like Google and Bing possess webmaster tools, which offer the service of targeting a particular kind of traffic. In Google Webmaster Tools, this setting is available at Search Traffic > International targeting > Country tab. The country you want to optimize for targeting should appear in the drop-down menu. In some cases, web developers may choose a hosting plan which has a country-coded top-level domain. This CCDL can include a website URL such as for a German site. Search engines like Google automatically associate this domain with that particular country. In this case, such a website cannot associate with another site.

However, some websites use generic top-level domains such as (.com, .org, etc.). In these cases, the user has an option of creating a user domain or subdirectories of a different country. If not, the search engine automatically links it with other parameters such as:

  • Backlinks coming to the site
  • IP address of the server
  • Location data from snippets and
  • Relevant information from tools like Google My Business

It is possible to set up a website in Spain and orient all of its customization to German using Google or Bing Webmaster tools. When hosting such sites, it is important to consider the aspect of page loading time. A website loads fastest when the user is in the country the site server resides.

Moreover, a website can target the entire world. In this case, Google recommends using the unlisted menu in the country drop down selection. Failing to do this, one might miss out some benefits, especially due to the automatic local SEO, which Google puts on a website. Using a Content Delivery network (CDN) is also very important. An effective CDN strategy gives one some active server nodes and makes a site respond very fast.

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